Barbecue Beef short Ribs

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Beef is really big here, in the United States. The consumption of red meat keeps on increasing year after year. Beef short ribs are the equivalent of pork spare ribs. They come generally from the chuck part of the animal. Slow cooked beef is one of the most tastiest things to eat, be it any cut of meat. The hickory smoked barbecue sauce is a great flavor addition to the beef and enhances the taste. The sliced onions give it a bit of sweetness to it. Add in the mushrooms, and you have a great dish!

Barbecue beef short ribs with mushrooms and onions

Beef Short Ribs – 2
Red wine vinegar-1tbsp
Minced garlic-2tbsps
Cayenne pepper-1tbsp
Barbecue sauce-2tbsps
Lemon pepper-1tsp
Beef stock Cubes-1

1)Season the short ribs with salt and pepper. On a pan, heat some oil. Add the minced garlic to the pan. Saute for a couple of minutes. Once golden brown, add some sliced onions and some salt.
2)Sauté the onions till they turn translucent. Add the mushrooms as well and add pepper, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, red wine vinegar and barbecue sauce. Mix well. Add some water along with one of the beef stock cubes for flavor and cook at low heat.
3) Meanwhile, on another pan, add some oil. Sear both sides of the beef ribs for about 5 minutes each. Take the ribs out and add them to the original pan with the onions and mushrooms.
4) Now at low flame, cook the ribs and gravy for about an hour. Serve as shown, topped off with some grated lemon zest.


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