Beef Chorizo Fettuccine

{Recipe}  Fettuccine pasta with beef chorizo and topped with melted cheese INGREDIENTS: Fettuccine pasta-200 gm Beef chorizo-250gm Garlic cloves-6 Onion powder-1 tbsp Salt Pepper Italian seasoning – 1 tbsp Cayenne pepper-1 tbsp Sriracha Mayo-2tbsps Red chili flakes Mozzarella cheese Water Oil PREPARATION: 1)Boil some water in a saucepan. Once it starts boiling, add some salt….

Chocolate Brownie Shake

{Recipe} Chocolate brownie shake INGREDIENTS: Chocolate cake/Chocolate brownie-200gms Milk powder-2tbsps Fresh full fat milk-1 cup Sugar(Optional-Preferably not) Cream-2tbsps PREPARATION: 1)Smash the chocolate cake or brownie into small pieces. 2)Add the above ingredients in a blender and blend to a smooth paste. Mix well. Add it to the glass. Top it off with some brownie bits….

Paneer Gravy

Paneer or a block of cottage cheese in English is an extremely popular protein in India, especially North India. There are numerous ways in which paneer can be prepared. It can be fried, sauteed, scrambled, grilled or pan fried and simmered in a delicious tomato gravy base such as this. I made this recipe for…

Fish & Beans

So, I have been trying to eat healthier these past few weeks. Fish and beans are a great meal as it is a perfect mixture of protein and vitamins! In this recipe, I have used white pacific fish, which I was trying for the first time, but there are tastier fishes that can be used,…

Lamb Cashew Curry

So, finally I have a lamb/mutton recipe out on the website! Many people, have this confusion over the difference between lamb and mutton. Well, both are basically the same animal i.e sheep but in different stages of life. A sheep older than one year is generally called mutton and the sheep less than a year…

Pulled Pork Tacos

Tacos are one of my most favorite things to eat on Planet Earth! One of the most iconic street food and traditionally Mexican, tacos are now generally found everywhere. Tacos are now a major part of fusion food where they are filled with different meats,veggies, flavors and spices. Tacos are also one of the dishes…

Beetroot Veggie Rice

Beetroot is one of the most healthiest vegetables out there and the pink color it bleeds to dishes is a pretty sight. This recipe is one for the health conscious people but at the same time ensuring that taste and flavor are not compromised. Peas and corn add to the different colors in this dish….